Kathleen I looked at your work today and enjoyed seeing it. It is alive and beautiful.

Hi there
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The sculptures are beautiful and amazing!

Hello Kathleen,

I'm with Habitat Young Professionals and we are exhibiting at the Cathedral Square as well. Just reaching out to a few artists at this venue to inquire about any ideas/collaboration for increasing foot traffic to the venue.

Hi Kathleen! It's Jim Riedel! Thank you for your donation to my bike ride fund raiser! The email address you used when making the donation isn't working for me however, and I'd like to be sure you get my updates, etc. Please send me a working email address for you? Hugs to you & Bobby from me & Stephen!

Hi Kathleen,
REALLY IMPRESSIVE SITE! Love your work. I could tell you are a special lady when you were at my office. Hope the root canal is doing well.
Dr Bill

Dear Kathleen Houston-Stokes,

I would like to invite you to submit art for inclusion in Volume VII of "International Contemporary Masters", a leading juried annual art publication presenting noteworthy artists from all over the world.

Please note that inclusion in the book is not free. The concept of the publication is different.
The book is basically delivered for free and when we sell it, it is at a cost price so nobody makes money from sales.
We try to have a large distribution and the purpose of the book is to promote the artists in it. This is the reason the artists have to pay. Only artists that are up to the standards of our art committee are approved.
If you are interested I will send you more information or you can visit: wwab.us/index.php/Masters-Application/ (add www. in front of the link)

To get an idea of the quality of our publications you can view our previous books on the same site.

Each year we organize a large group exhibition for the artists appearing in this book, at the Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Arts, which is located in Las Vegas. Contact us for more information.

Daniel Hiek - Assistant Curator
World Wide Art Books INC
1907 State Street
Santa Barbara, California, 93101
Tel / fax +1 805 845 3869


World Wide Art Books was established in 1997 and has to date published and represented over 8,000 artists from all over the world.

Hi Kathleen,

It was a pleasure meetig you and your husband at the GRAM on wednesday. You're works are fantastic! Wishing you the best at Art Prize. I also hope you are able to make it to Saugatuck during your stay in West MI. The lakeshore is a real gem.

Take care, Dave

Kathleen, your work took my breath away. You are incredibly talented. I love them all and found myself longing to touch them. If by some miracle, I were to come into wealth I would buy them ALL. For now I have keep your site in my favorites, so I can look at them all at will. Great to see you!

We just have been enjoying what we found on your website, Kathlene.
It's been a while since I have seen your work, but it is still awesome.
Thanks for the tip on where to find some of it. Maryellen and Wayne

'finally found an image of your piece in the Artprize photopool. 'Have yet to find Diana even though I loaded in some images myself - musta got censored, !
'Like your piece - a bit more sensual compared to the others on your site.
I must try the stone medium before i get too old.

You have amazing work! I was at ArtPrize (Grand Rapids, MI) today looking on behalf of a local organization to purchase an art piece. What is the price of "New Bone"?

I just viewed New Bone at Art Prize in Grand Rapids and was in awe of it's strength and delicate beauty. It's a very moving piece in my opinion and I wish it would have been placed in a more accessible area. I viewed several of the top ten picks today and that piece should have been one of them. It's beautiful work, and I just wanted to thank you for sharing it.

Your art is beautiful and inspiring. Hope to meet again soon.

OMG! Your website is amazing!!! You are so talented!!